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PHD Group


Property Holdings Development Group (PHD Group) is a contemporary art gallery with a focus on critical engagement, research, and collaborative practice. Founded in 2021 in Hong Kong, the gallery is situated in a 1970s rooftop clubhouse adapted by BEAU Architects, and shows emerging and mid-career artists from the region.

Property Holdings Development Group is a critical reflection of the current art industry through the platform of a commercial gallery.

The name is a nonsensical string of words related to Hong Kong’s real estate and skyline growth; a tongue-in-cheek critique of capitalist, accelerationist growth at the expense of those building slowly and meaningfully. It implies multiple members, hinting at the collective nature of the gallery; it is a triple-negative reminder of the temporal, shifting cultural grounds around us.

When shortened to PHD Group, the name also references academia and becomes a satirical double entendre that skewers the elitist, exclusive, and narrow corridors of the art world.

Disassembled, PHD Group questions the nature of exhibitions and planning in relation to artistic practices. What property—physical or intellectual—does this group truly own?

What are we investing in? What are we developing? What constitutes us as a group? In raising these questions, PHD Group rejects monolithic gallery culture, instead foregrounding slow, rhizomic, and experimental growth.


PHD Group (located in Goose Neck Bridge) is open by appointment Wednesday to Saturday, 1-6pm. Bookings can be made via the form below or by calling/Whatsapping our hotline at +852.5943.7541.

Unfortunately, the gallery is not currently accessible to wheelchair users.

Please note that your appointment is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.


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